Our CEO Uwe Klatt is looking forward to meeting you at EBAday 2022 in Vienna

Visit the upcoming panel session „Digital currencies and stablecoins – maker or breaker of the financial system?“ with our CEO and payments pioneer Uwe Klatt on May 31 from 3:45 – 4:30 p.m.

In this session, the speakers will be pleased to answer and to discuss the following questions: What can PSPs and technology providers do to prepare for the opportunities and challenges of digital currencies? Can digital currencies be integrated into the existing financial system? If so, what are the consequences? Which role will decentralised finance play?

Uwe Klatt started his career at GEVA in 1998 as a developer and completed his specialization with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2002 at the University of Wales, Cardiff, successfully. In 2004, he started as a Chief Executive Officer at GEVA and since then he has realized national and international projects within the payment transactions world. Some of these flagship projects were the introduction of the €uro as a currency, SEPA, Instant Payments and Request-to-Pay. Uwe Klatt is currently responsible for all strategic projects like „the digital Euro, currencies & stablecoins“.

Your GEVA Group Team